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Message from the Chairman

Since the founding of Qinisa in 1998, the building of strong partnerships has always been at the core of our success. We invite all our customers to enter into our environment of transparency, trust and respect, as they allow us to become part of their success story.

A strong and empowered management team allows us to be extremely flexible when it comes to client requirements.

Our own organisation is very dynamic and as such we understand that our clients’business landscapes are also forever changing. Urgency is accommodated through discussion around the requirements plan.

In more than sixteen years we have grown from our first civil engagement to a nationwide enterprise. We now implement some of the most advanced technology in cutting edge industries like telecoms and energy management. We have become known for our leadership in delivering “Green” environmentally friendly solutions for our clients.

We look forward to a future of partnership and achievement.

- Mr Justin Mthembu, Chairman of Qinisa Holdings

Profile of Mr Justin Mthembu

He is the rising star of South African Construction. From humble beginnings, he honed his trade over a period of thirty years.

An entrepreneurial spirit has seen him develop into the leader of a major construction company in South Africa. Yet the humility shows in his hands-on approach. He is a great believer in team effort. As such a true emphasis is placed on engaging with staff and clients alike.

The empowerment of his staff remains a priority for him. In turn,  a professional staff compliment empowers this dynamic organization which we call Qinisa Holdings.


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